There are so many young people who do not have clear goals or dreams or do not have enough resources or options to decide what they want to pursue and become in the future. By giving them more opportunities to hear and personally meet people with different life and career backgrounds through conference events at their schools, you can have an impact, helping them discover what they want to be and do in their lives. It may not be an instant shock or interesting enough for them right now, but it could stick in their memory, and later in life remember what they heard and learned about and motivate themselves to take an important new step in their lives.

Zeal Up! Togo

Zeal Up! Togo is a global speaker’s initiative to empower global youth to pursue their dreams, and cultivate youth leaderships and global mindset by providing a series of speakers. The event takes place at the actual universities and high schools in person and virtually. It partners with like-minded youth international organizations and programs, educational institutions, UN agencies, government agencies, corporations.